Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I have done the payment, but still I have not received the shipment tracking code?

It takes the sources 1-2 days to prepare the shipment, it might also reach 7 days during hot seasons.

Question: How can I track my shipment?

You may track your shipment using the shipment tracking number which was given to you, or by your national state postal service

Question: Do you have wholesale?

Unfortunately, we serve the last consumers, we can only be the mean to sale various products which are to be used individually.

Question: Do you have return and change? Who pays for shipping fees?

Yes, you may change the product’s size or style or change it with a new product, and you may return it case of dissatisfaction, defect, etc.
Shipping fees are on the recipient.

Question: How much are the shipping fees?

2 USD, it is calculated differently according to the store.

Question: The tracking number is not working? Nothing is appearing on the system?

Saving the tracking code and activating it on the global system might take a few days or even a week during hot seasons.

Question: It has been a month and my product have not been delivered?

Although the average delivery time is between 10-15 business days, this time might extend or reduce according to other factors such as New Year’s Holiday or political issues in some countries. The minimum limit for shipping is 5 days and the maximum limit for registered mail is 45 days.